Two Places on the Coast with the Otter Name: Otter Point and Otter Rock

Two Places on the Coast with the Otter Name: Otter Point and Otter Rock

Photo of Otter Point - one of two otters.  In Gold Beach Oregon.

Skimming down an Oregon coast map, you may get a sense of deja vu or perhaps double vision. You could discover there are two – that’s right, two – places called Otter. It’s goofy enough that there are three Haystack Rocks (yes, one is in Bandon as well), but not only is there the more famous Otter Rock on the northern half of the coast but an Otter Point down south.  Otter Point State Recreation Site. A wee bit north of Gold Beach you’ll find the multi-leveled landscape of Otter Point, with a whole lot of different colors and textures going on. Orange cliffs of softer (and rather dangerous) sandstone mix with darker, harder rocks that stretch out into the sea. Jagged coves are interspersed with major outcroppings and rugged beaches. 

There are actually two parts to it: the state park side with the beach access and the promontory called Otter Point. Both have parking lots. 

Otter Rock. Near Depoe Bay, at the end of an unusual stretch of road called Otter Crest Loop that hugs sheer cliffs, the little town and the headland known as Otter Rock house the famed Devil’s Punchbowl. Like Otter Point, it’s a varied, mixed bag of beachy fun, with the sometimes-broiling structure, different viewpoints, and a trippy little beach below. 
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