Gold Beach Museums

It’s almost a given that some members of the family will enjoy visiting a museum or two while in Gold Beach. For a little town we’ve got a great variety. Plan on spending a moment or two of your life exploring the past while you are here in Gold Beach.

Curry Historical Society | 541-247-9396

Curry Historical Society – located on Highway 101 in the heart of Gold Beach, you’ll find a road map to the history of the area.  Enjoy the exhibits within and the stories you’ll hear from the wonderful volunteers.  They’ll also guide you to other historical locations within Gold Beach and the surrounding areas.

Jerry’s Rogue Jets | 800-451-3645

Jerry’s Rogue River Museum is a great place for families to visit while in Gold Beach. FREE for the whole family. Educational. Spans millions of years. Visit the Gift Shop while at the museum. A must see while in Gold Beach. Open all year. Located in the Port of Gold Beach.

Prehistoric Gardens | 541-332-4463

Prehistoric Gardens is a great adventure for young and old. Located in a section of Old Growth forest adjacent to the ocean about 15 miles north of Gold Beach, visitors enjoy strolling paths and observing life size replicas of the animals that used to live on earth. There is a very good Souvenir/Gift Shop at Prehistoric Gardens.