Otter Point

Gold Beach Hiking: Otter Point

A quick stop that’s worth it.
Gateway to Agate Beach and Bailey Beach.
Sample the Oregon Coast Trail.

Just north of Gold Beach.

Otter Point is pictured in the image above. You will park where all three trails converge. If you never go further than the parking lot you will be glad that you took the extra minute or two to visit Otter Point. The views north are incredible.

Agate Beach: If you are feeling adventurous hike down to Agate Beach. On the north east side of the parking area you will see a path that leads down to the beach. A little rough. This part of the coast slips and slides. Take your time. Use common sense. Once on Agate Beach relax. You’ll most likely be the only one(s) there. Look for agates or driftwood. Relax. Watch the surf. Enjoy the Oregon Coast on Agate Beach.

Otter Point in Gold Beach Oregon

Bailey Beach: To the south of Otter Point is Bailey Beach. This image was taken from the trail that leads from the Otter Point parking lot to Bailey Beach. Even if you walk south on the Oregon Coast Trail to just this viewpoint it will be worth it. Want to hike down to Bailey Beach…just continue on the trail…the Oregon Coast Trail…to Bailey Beach. It’s not far and it is well worth the trek. I’ve taken people in their 70’s down this trail and back up again.

Once on Bailey Beach look back at Otter Point. Can you see the sea cave that is underneath Otter Point? Look west to the Rogue Reef. Can you tell which one is Periscope Rock?

Otter Point: You cannot get much closer to the ocean without getting into it. Walk all the way out to the point. Stay away from the edges unless you are certain that they are solid. Some of Otter Point is sandstone which has been known to fail. I like to go all the way out to the tip. You will find the path down to the solid rock at the north west side of Otter Point.

You can get married at Otter Point as Dr. and Shelly O’Gara did one fine day in 2004. About 100 people joined them here for the ceremony.

When visiting Otter Point during the day morning visits are best (during the summer months) because of the wind. If you are a photographer consider a trip out to Otter Point just before sunset. Or hike down to Agate Beach and be ready with your camera as the sun falls behind the stacks.

Visit Otter Point while in Gold Beach. You’ll be glad that you did.

Otter Point State Park - Gold Beach oregon