Getting to Gold Beach

Getting to Gold Beach

The Trip To Gold Beach is a Wonderful Part of your Visit:

Traveling to somewhere ranges from being a chore to a wonderful experience. Traveling to Gold Beach is almost always a wonderful experience with sights, sounds, smells, and diversions for all travelers.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) keeps (dial) 511 updated. When in question about the roads dial 511.

When traveling by ROAD:

Gold Beach locals refer to ‘no east-west connection’. Some locals worry about not having one…and others are glad that we don’t. What ‘no east-west connection’ means is that you cannot drive directly from the Willamette & Rogue Valleys to Gold Beach. You are instead routed to either the north or the south of Gold Beach, and then you get to drive along the beautiful coast to Gold Beach.

If you are to the south (San Francisco, Sacramento, etc) we suggest that you come up Highway 101. That is how most of us get to you.

We suggest that travelers from the north (Eugene, Salem, Portland) come over from the valley using Highway 38 (Drain, Elkton, Reedsport).

If you are located to the east of Gold Beach (Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass) travel here via scenic Highway 199 (Grants Pass, Cave Junction, Brookings).

In the summer months there are other secondary or lesser roads that connect Gold Beach to the Willamette Valley.

When traveling by AIR:

Those of us that live here typically fly out of Crescent City, CA, or North Bend, or Medford, or Portland.

When traveling by BOAT:

Gold Beach does have a port but most of our boating traffic is river traffic, not ocean.

Occasionally a large fishing or pleasure vessel will show up in the harbor and will stay with us for a bit. Most boats on the river enter the river from a trailer or from small boat moorage on the lower Rogue River.


The Oregon Coast Trail brings Gold Beach many visitors each year. It is surprising how many people have the time and resources to hike iether part or all of the Oregon Coast Trail.

Gold Beach also receives many visitors who arrive on bicycles, horses, garden tractors, and covered wagons. It’s fun to live on a major coastal highway. You never know what will be coming up the road.

Bicyclists generally travel from north to south because they enjoy the push that the summer winds provide.

Click on the map below for more detail or to get driving directions to Gold Beach.