Jet Boat Tours

Gold Beach Jet Boat Tours

A highlight of your life will be one or more trips on the Rogue River on a Rogue River jet boat. Flowing from near Crater Lake all the way to the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, the Rogue River travels thru a wide variety of territory. It’s history is rich. Wildlife thrives. Fishing is great. People from all walks of life kayak, canoe, raft, and travel by jet boat.

Jet boats are relatively new, developed in the 50’s. Propelled by jets of water, these exciting boats are able to travel through extremely shallow water. The gasoline engine powered pumps pull water in then push it out rapidly thru the back of the boat. Prior to water jet power boats with propellers traveled cautiously up and down the river hauling passengers, mail, and freight.

Today it is possible to travel by jetboat far inland and then return to Gold Beach all in one day. On the trip you will see birds and wildlife, and humans, and water mammals and fish. History will be explained. The jetboat will be exciting…but not too exciting. 
Good fun for all. Enjoy the Rogue River from a jet boat.

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