All Things Gold Beach Oregon

While we love, love, love all things Gold Beach, we must acknowledge that there is more to this planet then just this little corner of paradise. Here we strive to bring you interesting stories and tidbits from all over and all times. Please enjoy the read and come visit Gold Beach to appreciate the community, the people, and all they have to offer!

Gold Beach Fishing Guides: Dos and Don’ts for A Better Guided Fishing Experience

The year may be 2023, but fishing is still as popular as ever. Many Americans find fishing to be therapeutic and stress-relieving, which is why it’s no wonder more people are “lured” in by the prospect of spending more “reel” time out by fish-friendly shores. Yet though many recommend you cast your line in states like Michigan or Florida, you’re missing out if you’ve never gone fishing in Oregon. Some of the state’s best fishing spots …

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Historic Things to See and Do in Gold Beach, Oregon

There are a lot of things you can do in the coastal town of Gold Beach. You can surf, go kayaking, or camp by the sea. Yet one of the lesser-known yet enjoyable reasons to visit Gold Beach is its fascinating history. The region was once part of a vast land inhabited by Native Americans. It was also a famous area where miners sought gold and other minerals in the mid-1800s. Meanwhile, commercial and recreational fishing ventures …

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A Complete Guide To Beginners Golf in Gold Beach Oregon 

Golf is a beautiful game. If you’re considering getting into the sport yourself, I can guarantee you’ll be rewarded if you stick to it. One of the things that often puts people off learning is that they assume that because there’s only one golf course in the nearby areas, it’ll be more of a difficult thing than a fun, easy learning experience.  If you’re in Gold Beach and you’re considering getting into golf, you may …

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Beachwalkers & Birders wanted!

BEACHWALKERS WANTED FOR COASTAL OBSERVATION AND SEABIRD SURVEY TEAM (COASST) On December 10th and 11th, 2022 the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) will be delivering two free training sessions for members of the community – one in Port Orford, OR and a second in Brookings, OR. The COASST Beached Bird program is focused on the intersection of science, conservation, and communities. COASST participants help make a difference for the environment by collecting data …

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Beach Etiquette Tips for Your Next Visit to Gold Beach, Oregon

There’s a lot to see and experience in Gold Beach. Our post ‘5 Reasons to Visit Gold Beach Oregon’ enumerates a few, including the beautiful scenic mountain ranges and shorelines, as well as fun activities like tide-pooling and boat rides. These are mostly activities you do at the beach, which are all exciting and very enjoyable. However, if you plan on visiting soon, there are a few beach etiquette tips you need to remember. After all, you …

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3 Best Fishing Spots Near and Around Gold Beach Oregon

Curry County is loaded with a number of great fishing spots, many of these being rivers that flow throughout the entire state towards the shore and spill into the Pacific. This makes many of these rivers a great access point for salmon and steelhead. Gold Beach and the surrounding areas are also home to some of the most popular steelhead rivers in the entire country. Two names you might recognize, are Chetco and Elk Rivers. …

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Vacation Properties are the Hottest New Investments

The travel and tourism industry has seen a significant increase now that people feel better about returning to vacation mode. And, it seems like they’re making up for lost time with numbers bouncing back with gusto in most places across the US and many places globally. But the way people are vacationing has changed, too. This increased interest in travel has also seen some significant changes in the industry. People are flocking to outdoor activities, …

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Meyers Beach: One of the most scenic beaches on the Oregon Coast and a perfect getaway

By Jamie Hale The Oregonian – Excerpt from the Bend Bulletin On a coastline full of incredible scenery, Meyers Beach stands out as one of the best. Also known as Meyers Creek Beach, the southern Oregon Coast destination is seven miles south of the town of Gold Beach, nestled between Cape Sebastian and Pistol River. Drivers who pass by on U.S. Highway 101 know this stretch as one of the most scenic parts of the highway, …

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