Mushrooming the Oregon Coast

Gold Beach Mushrooms

Know Before You Go; Be Careful What You Read!

It’s finally fall, and we’re all elated about strolling into the woodlands for the first of the mushrooms that the rain has to offer.  It’s been a long wait for the season to start, and the hunt excites us as deeply as it did the very first time.

But beware:  there may be false information lurking out there about rules and regulations and permits on National Forest lands.  Be careful about your information sources.  Check and double check to be sure you know the legal requirements concerning the location where you’ll be exploring for mushrooms.

We hope you enjoyed this excerpt from this wonderful website  This is a Port Orford couple who takes their passion seriously…! 

To learn more about Gold Beach area mushrooming – check with the Rogue-Siskiyou Ranger District.

Per the USDA 2018 Mushroom Guide
Who needs a permit to pick mushrooms?
A Commercial Mushroom Permit is required if you are 18 years or older and harvest mushrooms to sell, or if you plan to harvest, possess, or transport more than one gallon in Oregon or more than five gallons in Washington.

Where can I pick mushrooms?
Check with the Rogue Siskiyou Ranger District for EXACT details. Wilderness area boundaries may or may not be signed. Check your Forest map for Wilderness boundary information. Mushroom picking is not permitted in any botanical area, research area or other areas designated by the Forest Service. Offices issuing permits will provide a list of closed areas, if applicable. And remember, the National Forests are public lands, all mushroomers have a right to pick in “your” area.

I bought a permit then decided not to buy or pick. Can I get my money back?
No. Permit fees are not refundable.

Are all roads open to drive on?
No. Open roads vary from area to area. Visitors are asked not to drive on water-saturated, muddy roads in spring and early summer. Vehicle weight and maneuvering cause road damage which makes road maintenance difficult throughout the summer. Check with the local ranger district office for updates on road conditions, motorized vehicle use maps (MVUMs) and closures.

What happens if I don’t follow the terms of my permit?
The Forest Service reserves the right to revoke the permit for non-compliance with permit conditions. In addition, you may be issued a citation, which may require you to appear in court, and/or pay a fine if found guilty.

What do I do with my trash?
Pick it up and pack it out. PLEASE!