Tide Pooling

Gold Beach Hiking: Tide Pooling

My favorite tide pooling memories go back to the Pacific Ocean beaches below San Francisco.  I remember as a young boy eagerly waiting to get to the beach and then leaping out of the car and racing down to the tidal rocks and pools.  Hours would be spent exploring the tide pools…and I realize in hind-site that as a boy I had no real idea of what a Tide Pool was all about.  

There is a tremendous amount of tide pool opportunity for you and your family on the beaches at or near Gold Beach, Oregon.

Sandy Grumman, an active Gold Beach resident, has a passion for tide pools and has knowledge about tide pools that she is willing to share.  Sandy authors a website called Exploring Rocky Shores of Southern Oregon Coast.  She and her husband roam the Southern Oregon Coast tidepools.  They photograph, they teach, they share.  Below is an RSS feed from Sandy Grummon’s website Exploring the Rocky Shores of Southern California.