2,530 Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon: Lusk, WY

It’s been a hectic number of weeks since leaving Custer SD. Our travels took us to the Denver CO area to visit with family. In the Denver area, we moochdocked (staying at a family residence at no charge with limited utilities) in Fort Lupton, CO, camped with family in Colorado Springs, CO and Fort Collins, CO before heading north and east for North Dakota for the next month. During our travels, we discovered a heatwave heading our way so instead of camping without electricity (read: no air conditioning) we stopped in Lusk, WY at a park with full utilities.

At our Colorado stay, we were finally able to off-load the crate of personal belongings with family and set up our new solar system for boondocking (camping with no utilities) and were prepared to test that new system on our next stop in Helena, MT with new friends we met at the Caldwell, ID HDT rally. We ended up changing our plans due to delivery issues of our equipment and were heading to ND instead to test our new system – when we ran into 100+ degree weather.

Now that we are back to “normal” temperatures, we begin our journey again – heading north and east. We’ll be making stops at the Missouri River and Lake Sakakawea for August.

As we travel, we learn more about this lifestyle and meet new friends at every stop. We are learning about communications while on the road and yes – even picking up new clients! Check out RVMobileConnect who has done the testing and research to provide the best equipment to stay connected to the Internet while traveling. We are so pleased to help them along their journey of sharing their expertise with those of us living the on-the-road lifestyle!

During our Colorado stay, we learned once again the importance of spending time with family and reconnecting with loved ones. It’s hard to describe the feelings of warmth and unconditional love that we undeservedly receive from family – and why we are so glad for this journey. While Gold Beach offers so much to us in terms of beauty and (blessed) cool temperatures – the plains states provide us the immeasurable value of family.

As we travel in North Dakota (a state neither of us is familiar with) we are looking forward to the value of this country’s bounty of natural beauty. We will be staying principally in parks provided by the US Army Corp of Engineers and small municipal parks. We are excited about the next edition of our journey! As the summer comes to an end, we’ll be heading to KS, OK, and TX. Stay tuned for more adventure‚Ķ