Meyers Beach Oregon

Gold Beach Beaches: Meyers Beach Oregon

Meyers Beach: One of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Used in commercials produced by major automobile manufacturers, photographed a zillion and one times, easy to get to, and a wind surfers haunt. You are sure to enjoy time spent at Meyers Beach.

Meyers Beach features ‘stacks’ that come right in to the beach, one of them with a tunnel thru it. At extreme low tides you can walk out and through the tunnel. A little known fact is that in the middle of the tunnel there is a large hole through the ceiling (a fact I discovered one day when I kayaked through).

Parking and access to Meyers Beach is about as simple as it gets. When driving Highway 101 about 14 miles south of Gold Beach simply pull off into any one of about about 6 pullouts. Locate the path that goes to the beach. Enjoy. All parking lots are at about 25′ elevation so the walk is simple and easy.

Meyers Beach features a beach that slopes very slowly into the ocean. This shallow sloping beach provides extraordinary surfing and wind surfing opportunity. Meyers Beach has been the site of Windsurfing World Championship Competitions many times.

Especially in the early morning or late evening Meyers Beach offers unparalleled picture taking opportunity. If you are a photographer do yourself a favor and plan a morning or evening at Meyers Beach.

Meyers Beach - Gold Beach Oregon