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Shop Local in Gold Beach Oregon

Winter in Texas, a thought that never crossed my mind. Not the cold rain of coastal Oregon. No constant wind driving the rain sideways and definitely no view.

Large houses at the end of driveways that seemed to stretch for miles. Trees, cattle, and a plethora of horse trailers. Seems everyone in Texas has a flatbed truck and a trailer full of livestock or tractor equipment.

The Conroe area of Texas is growing, in fact, it is the fastest-growing city in the U.S. of A. Just several miles north of Houston and its traffic. However, just north of Conroe, is Montgomery – the birthplace of the Lone Star Flag.

We spent the winter there amongst the tree-filled landscape of the ‘Hill Country’.

Property and homes are expensive, the homes are vast – think J.R. Ewing sized. But the quiet wide-open spaces are easy to enjoy.

Not going to spend the summer there. Heat, heat, and more heat. No cool Pacific Ocean breeze, no massive salmon-filled river to fish in or to take an evening kayak paddle down. Just heat and lots of land, tree-lined, & wide open for miles.

Clients have appreciated their in-office time with OurWebmaster. It is a new day in business. Promotion, advertising, and the like change daily; some clients need more help than others due to the size or complicated systems they have in place.

Small business took a hit, technology has complicated itself, and big business is trying to hold on with the supply shortages. It has an effect on all businesses.

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Shop Local in Gold Beach Oregon

New businesses have started up, determined to prosper, determined to take advantage of the business climate that everyone finds themselves in. Michele from is one of those that is determined to show her business savvy by opening up her great store on Third and Stewart Street in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Dixie and her team at are wise enough to know that keeping up with the times, keeping up with trends, and supplying customers with excellent service, and fresh products is the way to stay ahead of those who think all is just as it was ten, five, or even two years ago.

There are many such businesses in Gold Beach and other places we visit. Supporting them is supporting the community, though sometimes that is not enough. Online business is booming, tourism will come back, and things are always in a constant state of change. Out with the old, in with the new.

No quote from some wise philosopher is needed here, just this;

SHOP LOCAL. Locally owned businesses that then spend locally.

Though not all things are available in Gold Beach, there are things we all have in common. Each other & our communities’ well-being.

The same applies to businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, wherever you live, and wherever you call home.

Guest Author: EsQue