Not That Far, But Still Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon

The wind blows, the trees sway, the rain comes. This could describe most places on earth.

A windy day

Friends were complaining about the winter storm they experienced on a beach camping trip on the Gulf Coast of the Lone Star State. The wind was blowing at 35 to 40 miles an hour, oh my. They had almost two inches of rain running under their RV, oh my.

We had to chuckle at the doomsday scenario they portrayed. They just could not grasp the difference between the wind blowing at forty while they were parked and the wind at forty miles an hour while driving down the highway. Two inches of water is normal on a rainy highway. We were unsure as to their concern. But it was with a sense of pending disaster that they told the tale.

We were sure not to laugh too hard. Being from the coast of Oregon we thought what a nice day they had at the beach in Texas. After the winter storms that Gold Beach experienced, forty mph and two inches would be a typical day, that would be welcomed.

Yet recently just east of Austin Texas the wind blew, and it rained. The long-term client that Amber is meeting with was concerned that we might not be able to handle a Texas-sized storm. Miles away a wind burst had knocked down some trees and torn off some tin roofs on various businesses. The wind speed was just over sixty miles an hour.

The good news, no one was hurt. As of this writing, no one in the U. S. of A. has been hurt by the tsunami from the Tonga volcano eruption. It does make us wonder if there is any place on earth with perfect weather. Just what is the perfect climate?

More people move out of Hawai’i each year than move in.

Europe has varying rules that change weekly involving Covid-19 making a search along the Mediterranean coastline hit and miss for that perfect spot.

San Diego or Apollo Beach Florida, both have great climates, but the beaches are so crowded, and traffic is horrible, so it seems that there are trade-offs everywhere.

If you love snow and cold. If you don’t mind the struggles to commute in the ice and slush, then Rapid City South Dakota might be the place to be in the winter. In the summer, tourists fill the area. Not that different from Gold Beach.

“As poetry is a criticism of life by the livers, so the epigram is a criticism of life by those who have not lived.

Edward Thomas 1903

Take time this week to enjoy where you live. Think about where else you might want to live, then make the comparison. Make the most of where you are at. If it is not to your liking make a change, make it happen. There is an adventure waiting around every corner, depending on whether you think 35 miles an hour is windy, or two inches is too much to handle.

If you live in Gold Beach Oregon near the Rogue River and gray sand beaches you just have to laugh. It is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

Guest Author: EsQue