Beach Etiquette Tips for Your Next Visit to Gold Beach, Oregon

Credit: Ken Lund licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

There’s a lot to see and experience in Gold Beach. Our post ‘5 Reasons to Visit Gold Beach Oregon’ enumerates a few, including the beautiful scenic mountain ranges and shorelines, as well as fun activities like tide-pooling and boat rides. These are mostly activities you do at the beach, which are all exciting and very enjoyable.

However, if you plan on visiting soon, there are a few beach etiquette tips you need to remember. After all, you don’t want to cause a disturbance or damage to the beach.

So, here are a few tips to get you ready for your next visit:

Don’t smoke at the beach

Smoking at the beach entails cigarette butts and ash making their way to the sand and the water, contributing to pollution. Not to mention, Gold Beach is still a public area even though it’s outdoors—it’s a basic sign of respect to not smoke. This is why it’s best to resort to smoking alternatives like pouches and patches. A nicotine pouch contains a small dose of nicotine and it’s placed between your lip and gum. For this reason, Prilla explains they can be used in public places and they’re discreet, too. If you don’t want to take an oral alternative, nicotine patches are the way to go. VeryWell Mind describes them as often opaque or skin-toned adhesives stuck on the skin so they’re not too noticeable. Remember to prepare these for your next visit.

Keep your music’s volume low

Playing music is allowed on the beach. Still, this doesn’t mean you can blast it. Gold Beach doesn’t get crowded that often but there will most likely be other visitors when you go, so keep your music at a low volume. Better yet, move to a less crowded area to decrease the chances of disturbing others. If you want to have music at full volume, bring headphones or earphones with you. This way, you can still have quality music without having to bother other beachgoers.

Pick up your trash

It’s basic etiquette to clean up after yourself in outdoor areas like beaches. More importantly, Gold Beach is a popular recreational location visited by many locals and tourists. Authorities are trying to keep it as clean as possible to ensure that everyone—including recreational vessels, fishing guides, and sports fishermen—is able to take pleasure in a clean beach. Bring some trash bags with you if you plan on eating or doing any activities at Gold Beach that will generate waste. You can then dispose of these in the proper bins when you encounter them on the way home.

Be mindful of shaking off sand

It’s inevitable for sand to make it to your clothes, towels, and other belongings. Before shaking off the sand, be wary of your surroundings first. Oregon is a generally windy state, getting 7.7 months of wind in a year. When you shake off the sand, the wind may carry it to another person or group on the beach. Always be mindful of the wind when doing so or go to a more secluded or spacious area. This ensures that you don’t bring discomfort to other beachgoers and transfer the sand all over them or their belongings.

With the many great things to see and do at Gold Beach, you’re most likely itching to visit again. Keep our tips in mind before you go for an enjoyable trip for you and those you’ll encounter.

Contributed by Shirley Walker