3 Best Fishing Spots Near and Around Gold Beach Oregon

Curry County is loaded with a number of great fishing spots, many of these being rivers that flow throughout the entire state towards the shore and spill into the Pacific.

This makes many of these rivers a great access point for salmon and steelhead. Gold Beach and the surrounding areas are also home to some of the most popular steelhead rivers in the entire country.

Two names you might recognize, are Chetco and Elk Rivers. While they’re not mentioned in this guide, they’re definitely honorable mentions if you’re targeting steelhead.

A lot of things will bring you to Southern Oregon like incredible hiking, breathtaking scenery, and an amazing food and drink scene.

If fishing is on your list, you won’t be disappointed if you check out any of these three amazing spots in South Oregon.

Rogue River

This is the most famous river in the state’s southern portion as it runs right through Curry County and pours into the Pacific in Gold Beach.

Not only does Rogue River offer some of the best chinook salmon fishing around, but there are also a ton of hiking trails, scenic points, and access points where you can walk up to the river and wet your line.

There are also a variety of campgrounds including Lobster Creek which has access to RVs and tent camping. Angler’s Trailer Village is a bigger RV park designed for long-term stays.

If you’re here in the fall you’ll want to head closer to the bay as the salmon move closer to the ocean, the same applies to the spring. Throughout the summer months expect the salmon to move upstream.

Pistol River

A tip nine miles south of Gold Beach will bring you to Pistol River. This is a great spot for fall and winter fishing when the chinook salmon move towards the bay.

There are a number of areas that are off-limits for fishing along the river so you’ll want to pay close attention to that to make sure you stay out of trouble.

Fish from the bank for chinook and winter steelhead are another popular selling point here. Expect to catch them between January and March.

While you won’t find quite as much to do in Pistol River as you will in Gold Beach, the river is smaller which makes it more accessible for small boats and kayaks. Stroll along eddies in your kayak and sit with your fish finder wherever you find current breaks to find great fishing opportunities.

Libby Pond

Libby Pond or Libby Creek Pond is located along the Rogue River about several miles from Gold Beach. It’s an incredibly easy drive and quite a scenic one to take especially in the fall season when people are coming to the area from salmon anyway.

It’s also a great place for rainbow trout because it’s stocked, so pay attention to the schedule so you can get there at the right time and capitalize on the opportunity.

Libby Pond is a private pond that is open to the public for a fee, they do not allow boats which makes this spot a fun impromptu trip for someone who is visiting the area but maybe didn’t think about fishing as a great family activity. It’s a great place for kids to learn and try fishing for the first time.

Guest Author: Coty Perry Anglers