Do’s and Dont’s when First Time Fishing with your Pet

Do's & Don'ts When First Time Fishing with your Pet - Gold Beach Oregon

Who says fishing and bonding with your pet don’t go hand in hand?

Bringing your four-legged best friend on a fishing trip is one of the best ways to get him acquainted with water. Good thing the Gold Beach is pet-friendly—it is a place wherein you and your pet can go for a scenic stroll along Francis Shrader Old Growth Trail, run along the sandy shores of Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, and go on a fishing adventure in various areas!

South Beach Park, Nesika Beach, Cape Sebastian, and Hunter Creek are some of the best fishing spots in Gold Beach. If it’s you and your pet’s first time going on a fishing trip together, you have to keep a few reminders in mind before hitting the waters. These tips will help you maximize your bonding time and will save you from headaches. Let’s dive into the basic dos and don’ts below:

DO prepare

Angling with your pet is more enjoyable when you are prepared. Spending time outdoors means putting a few pieces of equipment in your pet bag. Here’s what you’ll need to pack:

1.       Leash and collar

2.       Pet poop bags

3.       Drinking water, snacks, and food & water bowls

4.       Your pet’s favorite toy

5.       Beach mat

6.       Sunscreens and ointments for paw protection

7.       Canine first-aid kit that has bandages and antiseptic solution

If you’re a first-time angler, make sure to read a lot of fishing guides and watch fishing videos online. You can also invite an experienced angler friend with you so you can get one-on-one lessons with him!

DON’T forget to bring treats

Treats will save you from headaches. When you have treats, your pet will likely follow your commands. Additionally, giving treats to your frightened pet will help him be more comfortable around water. If your pet is scared of you wading out and leaving him tied up on a tree, offering treats can help him associate your fishing experience with yummy snacks.

DO study the fishing area

Whether you’re fly fishing or surf fishing, overpreparing is not always a bad thing, especially if you’re spending an outer water adventure with your pet for the first time. Even highly-trained cats and dogs can be overwhelmed in a new environment.

Make sure to study your area of destination before wetting your line. Take note of the different access points, crowded areas, and challenging river crossings.

DON’T leave your pet unleashed

No matter where you’re headed, you must stay vigilant at all times. Visiting Gold Beach is not always about fun in the sun. One undesirable circumstance can turn the whole journey sour, so it’s best to always keep your pet restrained. If you have to leave your pet to fish, make sure to secure him to a sturdy thing like a tree. If you have a pet tracker, the better.

DO enjoy

Most importantly, enjoy the whole experience with these precautionary measures in mind! Having fun is just as important as staying safe in the waters. Don’t forget to take some snaps of your trip and all the fish you caught together!

DON’T feed your dog raw salmon

You may be excited to let your dog have a taste of your catch but raw salmon is a definite no. It causes salmon poisoning disease for dogs. Better grill it first before giving him a bite.

Wet a line with your pet today!

Fishing with your pet is a good form of exercise and bonding. With these tips in mind, you’re bound to have the most amazing adventure of your life.

Guest Author: Kenneth Reaves, Fishing Expert / Editor-in Chief |