Books could be written about the incredible beaches that are in or near Gold Beach, Oregon.

Meyers Beach, 14 miles south of Gold Beach

Beach access is exceptionally easy. You can drive and park right at beach access and in the case of Bailey Beach you can drive right out onto the beach (although the locals would cringe if they knew that this information was being made public). If you do drive on Bailey Beach it is suggested that you have 4wd, AAA, and a cell phone with you. Also be aware of the tides. You will be driving in a tsunami zone.

The beaches in and around Gold Beach are clean, long, beautiful, and interestingly not crowded. You should frequently be able to visit the beaches in Gold Beach and have a mile or more of beach to yourself.

Here are links to pages describing 5 of the local beaches:

The above 5 beaches total perhaps 25 miles of beaches. Not enough for you? There are more, many slightly less accessable but more beautiful than these 5.