One of the favorite past-times for Gold Beach is fishing - whether ocean or river.  But what you don't hear about as often, is surf fishing.

What is surf fishing?
Surf fishing is the sport of catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf - generally in a salt-water environment. A general term, surf fishing may or may not include casting a lure or bait, and refers to all types of shore fishing - from sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties, or even fishing piers.

 The Gold Beach area is famous for a seemingly endless number of outdoor recreational activities.  One of those activities is Clam Digging.

What is Clam Digging?
Clam digging in Southern Oregon represents the harvest of razor clams from below the sandy surface along the sandy beaches associated with the Gold Beach area and to Littleneck clams common to the gravel or cobble substrate associated with the rocky headlands.

Gold Beach, Oregon is located at the mouth of the Rogue River. Anglers come from all over the world to fish the Rogue, or the Sixes or Elk or Chetco or Illinois or Winchuck rivers, not to mention excellent ocean fishing.

August fishing on the Rogue River BayFishing guides are special people. Many of them are full time guides who live and breath the river...they are 'river-men'. These 'river-men' think and see things differently than many of us. Their clocks are different, their viewpoint different...their lives are different. As hard as many of them work, in my opinion they lead very rich with nature and with the river.

Treat yourself and fish with a guide. You will find your fishing world'll find your experience more rounded and better. And you'll most likely catch more fish.

Fish with Tyson Crumley on your next guided fishing trip.  Tyson was born and raised on the Rogue River and fishing is his passion!  Find out more about Tyson here.

Joe Martin of Rogue Coast Sport Fishing is a fourth generation Agness native who grew up where the Illinois River joins the Rogue. He is passionate about the local waters and has spent his childhood mastering the local waters he calls home.  Joe is one of seven guides who has a permit to fish from the bay into the Wild and Scenic portion of the Rogue.

Experience the Rogue River with Tim Schlund of Fish Oregon.  He may even convince you to journey to the Coquille River for a less crowded fishing adventure!

For guided fishing on the ocean - take a look at Five Star Charters.  You'll experience a whole kind a different fishing!

For fishing from the banks - find your favorite Surf Fishing spot here!


Here are additional guides in our area:

  • Allen's Guide Service, 541-247-2082
  • Bowman Rogue River Guide Service - Travis Bowman, 541-373-1647
  • Bruce Craviotto's Guide Service 541-913-3759
  • Chris Young Guide Service, 541-247-8115
  • David Anderson's Guide Service, 541-247-0420
  • Ed Davis, 541-247-7407
  • End of the Rogue Guide Service, 541-247-2049
  • Ernie Rutledge, 541-247-6111
  • Fish Oregon Guide Service with Tim Schlund 541-347-6338
  • Five Star Charter/Gold Beach Adventure, 541-247-0217
  • Gene Garner, 541-290-1915
  • Greg Eide, 541-247-2608
  • Helen's Guide Service, 541-247-2441
  • Jack Hunt, 541-247-6198
  • Jeff Lottis, 541-247-0217
  • John Carl's Guide Service, 541-247-6400
  • Jot's Resort, 541-247-6676
  • Justin Taylor, 541-441-0559
  • Lex's Landing, 541-247-0909
  • Lynn Hescock Guide Service, 541-247-7397
  • Mark VanHook Guide Service, 541-247-6702
  • Memory Makers Guide Service, 541-425-1515
  • Rogue Coast Sport Fishing, 541-425-7210
  • Rogue Outdoor Store, 541-247-7142
  • Rogue River Country Guide Shack, 541-247-6558
  • Rogue River Guide Service, 541-247-4025
  • Ross Bell, 541-247-2149
  • Sam Waller, 541-247-6676
  • Terry Kennedy Fishing Guide Service, 541-247-9219
  • Toby Bowman, 541-247-2728
  • Tyson Crumley's Guide Service, 541-698-8338
  • Wild Rivers Fishing Service, 541-247-8180

It's almost a given that some members of the family will enjoy visiting a museum or two while in Gold Beach. For a little town we've got a great variety. Plan on spending a moment or two of your life exploring the past while you are here in Gold Beach.

If you are a golfer I have been assured that you will enjoy playing on our Cedar Bend Golf Course. The Cedar Bend Golf Course is located in a quaint little valley just inland from the Pacific Ocean. It's true that the Cedar Bend Golf Course does not have ocean views like Bandon Dunes, which is a pleasant 60 mile drive to the north.