All Things Gold Beach Oregon

While we love, love, love all things Gold Beach, we must acknowledge that there is more to this planet then just this little corner of paradise. Here we strive to bring you interesting stories and tidbits from all over and all times. Please enjoy the read and come visit Gold Beach to appreciate the community, the people, and all they have to offer!

Cape Blanco Lighthouse and Cliffs

Just 38 miles north of Gold Beach, you’ll find the spectacular Cape Blanco State Park which has a fantastic Campground (rated best in the state by some), the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, the Hughes House and the famous sand cliffs extending north to Floras Lake. Enjoy the video below brought to you by the Oregonian/Oregon Live.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

THE FRENCH SUN KING’S CONTRIBUTION TO MODERNITY By Guest Contributor Guy G. Gelbron My wife and I stood awestruck inside the underground bowels of the Argentinean National Congress, our eyes feasting on a cornucopia of gold and silver ornaments, statues, furniture and the like, many adorned with a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones. We had just entered a large room which, we were informed, was colloquially referred to by the elected Argentinean congressional representatives …

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10 Dog Friendly Things to do Along the Oregon Coast

Ocean waves crash against rocky shorelines. Sandy beaches expose seashells of varying colors, shapes and sizes. White gulls hover over waves and wade through shallow tidal pools. A highway twists and turns for more than 360 miles north and south. Picnic areas, campgrounds, lighthouses, hiking trails and small communities abound along this stretch of road, welcoming visitors – and their dogs – to the majestic Oregon Coast. Like Colorado, Oregon is among the top ten states …

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Gold Beach: Travel the Oregon Coast with Chef Bob Neroni

Follow along in this mouth-watering series to discover, great food, amazing places to stay, and passionate artisans along the Oregon Coast. In this episode, Chef Bob Neroni takes a flight from Astoria to Gold Beach with Infinity Air. While searching for outstanding culinary experiences, Chef Bob stumbles upon a few hidden gems outside the South Coast Food Trail. For more information be sure to check out the South Coast Food Trail – featuring unforgettable food …

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