All Things Gold Beach Oregon

While we love, love, love all things Gold Beach, we must acknowledge that there is more to this planet then just this little corner of paradise. Here we strive to bring you interesting stories and tidbits from all over and all times. Please enjoy the read and come visit Gold Beach to appreciate the community, the people, and all they have to offer!

Rediscovering These Golf Courses In and Near Gold Beach Oregon as Gems for Avid Golfers

Image from Cedar Bend Golf Course’s Facebook Page Gold Beach may not have an excellent reputation like Newport, but the beauty of this small, southern city lies in its simplicity. With only around 2,300 residents in Gold Beach, it serves as a great getaway destination for people who find solace in nature and out of the cities. No doubt it’s touted as one of Oregon’s best small towns—it offers fun recreational activities and gorgeous views …

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4,855 Miles traveled from Gold Beach, Oregon: Kansas USA

Winter is fast approaching. In the mid-west, the leaves on the trees are red. Some have turned yellow. In the days to come, they will begin to fall to the ground. The branches will be left barren. Frost will soon cover those leaves and then comes the white frosting called snow. Along the west coast, the winds and rain will increase. Any leaf that has fallen from its perch will find itself north, closer to …

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That many miles from Gold Beach: Anywhere USA

Every place we visit has one thing in common with Gold Beach and all the other places we have been to. One word describes it. It is an almost universal word that means the same wherever you live. Yet, the description varies depending on where you live. That word is pizza. *Disclaimer: This story may be biased. The author of this story got his first taste of pizza before he was ten years of age before …

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3,280 Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon: Watford City, ND

Our travels to North Dakota have been spectacular! We traveled from Lusk, WY to Gettysburg, SD and stayed on the Missouri River / Lake Oahe at the West Whitlock Recreation Area for one night. This was a very nice campground operated by the state of South Dakota. When/if we travel this way again, we will definitely stay at this park longer. The following day, we traveled to the Beaver Creek Recreation Area near Linton ND …

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Do’s and Dont’s when First Time Fishing with your Pet

Who says fishing and bonding with your pet don’t go hand in hand? Bringing your four-legged best friend on a fishing trip is one of the best ways to get him acquainted with water. Good thing the Gold Beach is pet-friendly—it is a place wherein you and your pet can go for a scenic stroll along Francis Shrader Old Growth Trail, run along the sandy shores of Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, and go on …

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3,140 Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon: Riverdale, ND

It doesn’t matter where you go, people are all the same. Campground etiquette has become non-existent in the last few years. People think rules don’t apply to them. We hear the same thing from RV parks and Campground owners wherever we travel. “People say they reserved this spot. They can do whatever they want.” Not so. Rules are in place to protect us from ourselves. It has been that way since the seventies. ‘Don’t use …

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So Many Miles From Gold Beach Oregon

Sometimes during a hectic summer, we overlook things we would normally see. Getting away for the summer has shown us something we should have been paying attention to. During the busy season, it is all about work. Tourists flock to town, employee management causes everyone all sorts of grief. As the summer dies down, we think of taking time off. We go the same places we go every fall or winter. See the same family, …

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2,530 Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon: Lusk, WY

It’s been a hectic number of weeks since leaving Custer SD. Our travels took us to the Denver CO area to visit with family. In the Denver area, we moochdocked (staying at a family residence at no charge with limited utilities) in Fort Lupton, CO, camped with family in Colorado Springs, CO and Fort Collins, CO before heading north and east for North Dakota for the next month. During our travels, we discovered a heatwave …

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Two Places on the Coast with the Otter Name: Otter Point and Otter Rock

Two Places on the Coast with the Otter Name: Otter Point and Otter Rock Skimming down an Oregon coast map, you may get a sense of deja vu or perhaps double vision. You could discover there are two – that’s right, two – places called Otter. It’s goofy enough that there are three Haystack Rocks (yes, one is in Bandon as well), but not only is there the more famous Otter Rock on the northern …

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