All Things Gold Beach Oregon

While we love, love, love all things Gold Beach, we must acknowledge that there is more to this planet then just this little corner of paradise. Here we strive to bring you interesting stories and tidbits from all over and all times. Please enjoy the read and come visit Gold Beach to appreciate the community, the people, and all they have to offer!

2,530 Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon: Lusk, WY

It’s been a hectic number of weeks since leaving Custer SD. Our travels took us to the Denver CO area to visit with family. In the Denver area, we moochdocked (staying at a family residence at no charge with limited utilities) in Fort Lupton, CO, camped with family in Colorado Springs, CO and Fort Collins, CO before heading north and east for North Dakota for the next month. During our travels, we discovered a heatwave …

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1,800 Miles from Gold Beach, Oregon: Custer, SD

The travel continues as we work from the road. With places to go, people to see. We are spending these two weeks in an area of the country we have seen before many times before, Custer, South Dakota. Mount Rushmore, the spectacular Crazy Horse Memorial, and its Native American University are sites worth visiting more than once in a lifetime. The carving on Crazy Horse reveals more each time we visit. Let us not forget …

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Do’s and Dont’s when First Time Fishing with your Pet

Who says fishing and bonding with your pet don’t go hand in hand? Bringing your four-legged best friend on a fishing trip is one of the best ways to get him acquainted with water. Good thing the Gold Beach is pet-friendly—it is a place wherein you and your pet can go for a scenic stroll along Francis Shrader Old Growth Trail, run along the sandy shores of Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, and go on …

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1,080 Miles from Gold Beach Oregon: Salmon ID

Sitting in a camping chair along the Salmon River north of Salmon Idaho, with the river just five steps from our front door is relaxing and the time off from the road allows us to work or to enjoy a different view than the one we have in Gold Beach. Instead of ocean, cool air, and the salty smell in the air, we are enjoying the heat, the smell of pine trees, and the occasional …

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800 Miles from Gold Beach Oregon: Caldwell ID

Seems the farther one gets from home the more home seems closer. Let me explain. We grew up in the Midwest before expanding our horizon to Gold Beach. Now traveling away from Gold Beach, we are meeting lots of folks who know where Gold Beach is, and they enjoy traveling to the area. The beaches, the hiking trails, the views, and the fishing is just some of the things that draw people to the area. …

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535 Miles from Gold Beach Oregon: Charboneau Park – Tri Cities WA

A week out and it’s clear that sometimes one needs to take a step back and see where they are from a few miles away. In this case 535 miles from home. A stop at Cape Blanco State Park for a review on what we need and how things are working so far revealed exactly what we expected. Even just 45 miles from home, and at our favorite campground we are not at home in …

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Zero Miles from Gold Beach Oregon

Since the onset of COVID-19, the world has seen technical opportunities like never before including distance healthcare, learning, and online service providers. We’ve noted that our clients are requiring fewer in-person services. This trend has prompted us to change how we will offer our services in the summer of 2021. Beginning in June, OurWebmaster will not maintain an office in Gold Beach, Oregon but will be serving our customers primarily by telephone, email, video conferencing, …

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Two Places on the Coast with the Otter Name: Otter Point and Otter Rock

Two Places on the Coast with the Otter Name: Otter Point and Otter Rock Skimming down an Oregon coast map, you may get a sense of deja vu or perhaps double vision. You could discover there are two – that’s right, two – places called Otter. It’s goofy enough that there are three Haystack Rocks (yes, one is in Bandon as well), but not only is there the more famous Otter Rock on the northern …

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