800 Miles from Gold Beach Oregon: Caldwell ID


Seems the farther one gets from home the more home seems closer. Let me explain.

We grew up in the Midwest before expanding our horizon to Gold Beach. Now traveling away from Gold Beach, we are meeting lots of folks who know where Gold Beach is, and they enjoy traveling to the area. The beaches, the hiking trails, the views, and the fishing is just some of the things that draw people to the area.

There is also the person or family that tells us they are from the area where we both my spouse and I grew up. Today we met a couple that went to the same schools, lived in our neighborhood, and knows the same people.

Large planet, small world.


We have experienced the friendliness of strangers. Dennis, a volunteer at a dam on the Snake River who had just purchased a new e-bike and let us take it for a spin. Without us asking he brought it by to show us at the Army Corp. of Engineers Park that we were staying at. “No go ahead and try it on for size”, he said. So, we did.

Mike and Andrea who had questions about our rig, why the big truck? That turned into daily stops on our walks to talk where we found out about the area. “Yes, Gold Beach, we love the southern Oregon coast.” That is typical of the response we get when asked where we are from.

Or we get “I grew up near there.” Even several “Oh, we vacationed there when we were growing up.” When I hear that I always think of our friend Ted Watkins, he and his family vacationed there and years later he moved south of Gold Beach, then built the largest bookstore on the Oregon coast. Gold Beach Books.


We grow up and move on. We grow as a person and our interests change. But home is where you make it. Home is also in many cases where you come from.

Gold Beach is a good place to call home. But no matter where you grew up or visited as you move on you take with you, memories. You may or may not like where you are at, the same with those around you. But it is part of the journey all of us take whether nearby or 800 miles away from home.

“You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories.” LEC

Remember, don’t be shy about calling or sending an email. Amber is still hard at work, even from the road. Covid taught everyone that some of us can work from anywhere we find ourselves. So, reach out, anytime.

Until next time, enjoy where you are and what you have surrounding you. Ocean, beaches, the forest, and friends before it is time to move on.

Guest Author: EsQue